The domain Le Nôtre

In the heart of Provence

For your pleasure, you have the possibility to book all the two cottages (Le Domaine Le Nôtre)

The Mounestier offers to discover the traditions and charm of Provence. Located in an area where greenery and fountain remind the beautiful French gardens, the area offers vacationers a residence where the assets of the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region are profiled. The place, erected in an old monastery, offers two living spaces. The Mounestier, luxury cottage of 127 sqm, is established on 2 floors, offering families the opportunity to spend a quiet stay. The second, a small annex ideally arranged for two people, offers a bubble out of time that will appeal to lovers of exceptional establishments. For a weekend or a few weeks away from any source of stress, Le Mounestier is a relaxing place to relax.

Nestled in a place where the calm rhythm the days, the field is a lodging of prestige where the visitors taste the small pleasures of a stay in Provence. The property is surrounded by five Provencal villages: La Barben, the closest, then Alleins, Aurons, Pélissanne and Vernègues which are only a few kilometers by car. The domain is not only reserved for a summer rental: open all year round, it can be booked by phone from Monday to Sunday (8am to 8pm).

Domain over time

The Mounestier sees its history begin in the Gallo-Roman era. Built on a site already frequented in the 9th century, the property of the monastery surrounds a spring once known for its healing properties. The source then feeds the mills of the locality and runs a popular laundry. Until the twentieth century, this small institution maintains its reputation with a varied clientele who wash his line. The buildings that welcome visitors today were erected during the 12th century. The main building is enriched by an annex, now serving as a charming cottage. Built in the pure Provençal tradition, the estate enjoys a rich history, where the magic of hills and small villages continues to operate.

The Mounestier is the main home of the estate. The visitor will find the identity of the old, underlined by developments brought up to date. Old stones and beams, typical of a dated architecture, plunge tenants into an environment conducive to discovery. A neat interior follows a well-maintained exterior, for a stay where you only have to worry about your well-being.

Wellness and leisure areas

Visitors looking for a cottage in La Barben choose to stay in Mounestier for its quality of facilities and services. The property offers well-being spaces that meet the expectations of the most demanding. The residence integrates a French garden and a swimming lane.
  • The French garden
The Mounestier has a garden of 500 sqm, decorated with a fountain and fragrant plants. Ifs, Begonias, White Jasmines, Iceberg Roses, Loniceras and other Arts Topiares carve the landscape of the property. In this space, sofas and coffee tables are ready to welcome visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful sunny days.

  • The swim lane

The swimming lane of this cottage in Provence is a small curiosity that attracts attention by its simple structure. This former drinking trough of 14m on 3,5m offers an ecological basin (water treated with salt) in which the guests can bathe at their ease.

Domaine Le Nôtre rates

Date Period By night
From November 1st to March 31st  Book now Low season 680
From April 1st to April 30th  Book now Average season 720
From 1st May to June 30th  Book now Mid-High Season 850
From July 1st to August 31st  Book now High season 1100
From September 1st to 30th September  Book now Mid-High Season 850
From October 1st to 31st October  Book now Average season 720

Domaine Le Nôtre rates

Date Period By night  
Low season From November 1st to March 31st 680 Book now
Average season From April 1st to April 30th 720 Book now
Mid-High Season From 1st May to June 30th 850 Book now
High season From July 1st to August 31st 1100 Book now
Mid-High Season From September 1st to 30th September 850 Book now
Average season From October 1st to 31st October, 720 Book now

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