Le Mounestier

In the heart of Provence

Discover La Barben and the Alpilles – Home in Provence

Installed between Alleins, Aurons, Pélissanne and Vernègues, the estate is a gite ideally situated in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. Nestled in La Barben, a place where architecture is marked by a rustic spirit, the estate proposes to discover the surroundings with a more modern vision of the countryside. The establishment is a bubble of greenery where period buildings have been brought up to date. The Mounestier sits in a historic property where a source with multiple virtues continues to run. Converted recently in summer rental, the estate offers to spend a few days in absolute calm. The establishment specializes in the services of a luxury cottage.

Accommodating up to 4 people, the residence is an ideal resting place for small families or groups of friends. In this ancient monastery, the nights to dream under the stars succeed days spent traveling the countryside. This property with a particular identity is one of the most famous gites in the Massif des Costes. The Mounestier welcomes its guests all year round, allowing you to schedule your stay in Provence in advance. A telephone reception takes your reservations from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

  • Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
At 46 km from the estate, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is also linked to the Alpilles Regional Natural Park. The village stands out for its rich heritage and culture. He became known for his holidays, as well as being the capital of the art of living. This city, where the famous Nostradamus was born, accumulates the discoveries for travelers. From local gastronomy to art galleries like you will not see anywhere else, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a village where the 300 sunny days a year host an impressive number of festivals.
  • Fontaine de Vaucluse
The town is a site that visitors appreciate for its unique environment. Located around a chasm, it is established in a valley, which is itself installed at the bottom of a cliff. The fountain of Vaucluse gives a breathtaking view of the famous Monts de Vaucluse. The locality is discovered during a walk, on Sunday, when the sun accompanies the adventurous tourists.
  • Avignon
At 65 km from the estate, Avignon is a festival whose reputation goes beyond the French borders. The contemporary show is distinguished by its living concept, for which the city becomes a theater, and the architectural heritage is transformed into places of representation. Authentic, imposing, the Avignon Festival is an astonishing spectacle that seduces the amateurs of performing arts.
  • Valensole
Located 68 km from Mounestier, Valensole is a dynamic town. It has a varied program of events and parties including the famous lavender festival not to be missed !

Geography and heritage

The geographical situation of the domain brings it closer to 5 small villages flagship of the PACA region. Its location allows visitors to discover Provence as a whole. This discovery begins in small towns where local history has been shaped.

  • The Castle of La Barben
Located less than 2 km from Mounestier, Château de La Barben is famous for its gardens. These are still today considered “the most beautiful of Provence”. Designed by the landscape designer who designed the gardens of Versailles (André Le Nôtre), the exterior of the castle is a regular garden flanked by two posterns, a river, and a path of plane trees. This historical and cultural monument is also equipped with porticoes, two fountains, 4 pools, and terraces. Near the zoo La Barben, the castle is a must stop for a stay in Provence.
  • Isle sur la Sorgue
The city has earned the title of “capital of antiquity”. It is one of the favorite destinations for travelers who want to learn more about the city of Islois. Its popularity goes beyond borders: enriched by flea markets and other antique shops, Isle sur la Sorgue has forged its identity on this particular trade. 44 km from the estate, this small town is the home of a family of antique dealers and cabinetmakers who have been working for 4 generations.
  • The Baux de Provence
A kilometer further, travelers will find the Baux-de-Provence. The small village is a prestigious destination for holidaymakers wishing to discover the Alpilles. The locality has become known as one of the “most beautiful villages in France”. Linked to the Alpilles Regional Natural Park, she is one of the region’s best-known ambassadors. In the Baux-de-Provence, the buildings include the essential Provencal streets: narrow alleys, typical shops of the region, friendly terraces and places for exchange … the village will immerse you in the daily life of a village out of time .
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape
At the same distance as Avignon, the tenants of Mounestier will find Châteauneuf-du-Pape, whose historical monuments are worth a visit. If the Castle of the Popes is the one that guests will think of visiting, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Chapel of Blessed Peter of Luxembourg are among those to discover. The chapel Saint Theodont, the oratories, the Tower of Hers, Islon St Luc are all sites to see with the family.


The PACA region hosts events that attract tourists from all over the world. Guests staying at the property can enjoy nearby attractions.
  • The Roque d’Anthéon
18 km from the residence, La Roque d’Anthéron hosts an International Piano Festival for nearly 38 years. The event is an exclusivity that the region remains the only one to offer. A must-see event for music lovers and piano lovers, the festival is held at the Château de Florans Park. From classical works to contemporary styles, to more contemporary musical styles, La Roque d’Anthéron brings together talent from a variety of backgrounds. From July 20 to August 18, the International Piano Festival offers recitals, shows and unique concerts in a garden that has become legendary.
  • International Festival of Aix-en-Provence
This international opera festival is held annually 27 km from the rental. Since 1948, the locality hosts a festival where operas, contemporary works, works of youth and classical partitions take place.
  • The events in Arles
Arles is 51 km from the old monastery estate. From 02 July to 23 September, the city hosts the Rencontres d’Arles. It is an annual festival centered on photography. Launched in 1970 by Lucien Clergue, Michel Tournier and Jean-Maurice Rouquette, the Rencontres d’Arles offer each summer a photographic exhibition highlighting contemporary works. At the same time, projection evenings give an insight into new trends in photography. The sessions, which take place in the open air, bring together young authors who have come to discover their work. Between 9 and 15 July, the Festival Les Suds highlights world music. The event takes place within the monuments protected by UNESCO. Precious Moments and Forges Nights complete local events.

Leisure and Parks

The Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region also has a large number of parks and leisure facilities available to tenants of the cottage in Provence.
  • The Barben Zoo
Located in Bouches-du-Rhône, this zoo is just a few minutes from Château de la Barben. The zoo presents a beautiful variety of animals, providing an unlimited source of leisure for visitors. The place welcomes families who can picnic, or enjoy the shady spots.
  • The Pont Royal International Golf
This leisure venue hosts the “Hopps Open de Provence”, a professional tournament part of the Challenge Tour for 2018.
  • The Luberon Regional Nature Park
This park allows to have a new vision of the mountain range nearby. The Natural Park House, as well as the path leading to the Cedar Forest, is an attraction of choice for lovers of exceptional landscapes. The Arch of Portalas completes this course.
  • The equestrian center Hippo Kampo
Offers equestrian tourism all year long near the Alpilles, Luberon and Sainte Victoire. You will choose between themed walks (Picnic in the forest, gourmet walk to the restaurant and special day around ethology), on time, day, or over several days.

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